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About the Hosts



Bryce has lived in Georgia all his life. With only being a 7 hour car ride from Disney World, he has visited every year since the age of four. The magic he found in the parks inspired him and created a passion for Walt Disney World. When Bryce isn't talking about Disney, you can find him at a local brewery, watching anime, or hanging out with his Fiancée. Bryce loves to talk about and share his knowledge of the parks and hopes to create a space where everyone can talk about the place we call "our home away from home".

Jansen is a North Carolina native who has a passion for all things Disney. He and his wife Sydney enjoy spending time with their dog, watching Carolina Hurricanes hockey, and hanging out with their friends. When not working, you can find Jansen on the golf course, at a brewery, or daydreaming about his next trip to Florida. Disney World has always been a special place to Jansen, as some of his fondest and earliest memories came from his trips as a child. Jansen is excited to share his passion, knowledge, and advice for Disney with you on Right Down Main Street!

Right Down Main Street personifies all the feelings you get when you are... (you guessed it) walking down Main Street. The feeling of excitement, happiness, and most of all... magic! We are excited to start this journey and to welcome you all to Right Down Main Street.